The development has been carefully laid out to take advantage of the natural attributes of the site following consideration of context, building aspect, views, sun-paths, and prevailing wind direction. The natural slope of the site is exploited to reduce the impact of the development when viewed from the street and to ensure that unimpeded lake views are maintained from within the site. Individual buildings are well spaced to maximise the availability of natural light and ventilation and are separated by well-planted gardens and terraces to ensure privacy between individual units.


Each of the houses is situated on its own private 1/3 acre plot within the development - each with its own aspect and views towards Lake Victoria or surrounding landscape. Plot sizes are deliberately kept small to allow the scale of the development to have a cohesive 'village' feel rather than individual houses spread out on suburban plots as found elsewhere in the city. Houses and plots have been carefully planned to ensure privacy within private gardens and to maintain views out over the landscape.

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